Does 60 Mean Aging Parent? Old Parent? None of The Above?

Today’s post is a departure from my usual posts. I just read Anna Quindlen’s column–on MORE magazine’s website: discussing age and aging…. insightful, substantive, and entertaining…a stream of consciousness applicable to our parents and to ourselves.

She doesn’t mention caregiving or focus on parents per se (while she’s approaching 60, we learn her mother died young). She does tap into the changing reality of what constitutes old. It helps us understand parents’ thoughts as they approach 60 and beyond, with insights that will no doubt resonate with us (whatever our age is) today.

How we look at age is relative, we know that. Nevertheless, Anna Quindlen places it in an artfully-constructed framework adapted from her new book, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake. It looks like a long piece, but is a very quick read.

And speaking of cake–Wouldn’t Dad be elated and amazed if someone made him one of these Father’s Day cakes by Esperanza? (I post them every year at this time.) They’re truly works of art, aren’t they?


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