Help Aging Parents: 98-year-old Flies 2000 Miles Alone To Be With Us for the Memorial Day Weekend

    SR. Advisor R Arrives.

(R arrives on time; however, Saturday’s post is arriving late–once again due to lack of internet access)

One year and four months later (almost to the day–rehab release after broken femur was Jan. 29th 2011 as I recall), R was driven to the airport. Aided by a wheel chair and an airport attendant who pushed the wheel chair, R declared the check-in procedures (luggage, full body scan) were so much improved since her last airport experience two years ago. And she remarked that the TSA people were very helpful.

R (who uses no cane at home) is using her cane since she’s navigating unfamiliar territory and is concerned about unknown, uneven pavement. We booked her ticket (first class using miles), then she reminded us to send her the e-ticket in the mail. This always brings up the following short conversation: If she knew she was going to live this long (Sept 2012 she’ll be 99), she would have learned to use a computer when in her 80’s.

Eighty-year olds are being successfully taught to use a computer. I’ve detailed this in several previous posts:, And however stubborn or seemingly clueless aging parents may be when it comes to learning to use a computer, this is one aspect of today’s living that aging parents love if someone can unlock the key to their giving it a try. While this someone should be a knowledgeable teacher who understands how older people learn, the second link includes a BBC video featuring grandchildren using a different approach.

We’ve planned three activities for today as R is always concerned about her energy level. Says she wants “to do, but her energy isn’t what it was before the broken hip surgery.” So we’ll go to a shop she likes, she’ll see our new apartment for the first time, and we are going out for dinner.

Memorial Day weekend is both a festive time and a time for remembrance. The sailors who’ve arrived in New York City for Fleet Week and stand out among the crowds wearing their whites, remind us that so many have done–and are doing–so much to safeguard America. And on this special weekend, we’re reminded that so many made the ultimate sacrifice.

We salute our veterans.

2 thoughts on “Help Aging Parents: 98-year-old Flies 2000 Miles Alone To Be With Us for the Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Susan, I’m glad your mother-in-law got to you safe and sound! I couldn’t agree more about older adults and computers; my husband began his computer business as a SeniorNet volunteer. He still specializes in teaching older adults– his eldest client is in her mid-90s. To a person, they all say it helps keep them young.
    I hope you have a wonderful time with your mother-in-law. It sounds like you have moved to MY town, so we should chat at some point…

    • Thanks for affirming my thoughts about older people and computers. Don’t we wish everyone with non-computer-using-aging parents who have a “good head on their shoulders” (my mother-in-law’s term), understood this and took action. It’s clearly an aspect (remaining engaged) of helping parents age well. Wish my mother-in-law lived near your husband! Would love to chat.

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