Tuesday’s post– a short one because….

The closing date on our home finally nears. We’re still moving the last items from our home. There are the items destined for long-term storage because we just can’t part with them; things that are part of our history (photos, articles, trophies); things we like but are giving to friends and neighbors; and things that are going to the dump or to charity.

I understand why older people resent their children and other “helpers” when it comes to moving their treasured objects– especially when they’re hospitalized with no hope of returning home and no one’s around to make certain treasured objects aren’t thoughtlessly discarded.

The aging parent, pack-rat types see only loss of things they’ve kept and want to continue to keep–just because they like having them (even if they’re never used). Those who hate clutter, probably don’t mind someone coming in and telling them what they need to get rid of; or “being “reckless” (to quote a friend), and and doing a wholesale clean-out of anything they deem unnecessary.

To get rid of treasured objects–regardless of monetary value–can create–or exacerbate–tender times. Something to think about if we’re seriously trying to help our parents age well. And something to think about for ourselves when the time comes.

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