Saturday’s post postponed. Read on…….

Still cleaning out our without-internet, without-wireless home. (I’m writing from the library.) Try going through decades of files–on second thought, don’t–just dump them…just kidding.  There are always things that shouldn’t be dumped, that need shredding and then, of course, there’s the nostalgia–reliving some aspect of life sparked by something in the files. All takes time.

I was told by a 70-something-year-old friend who moved last year and thought she wouldn’t live through the experience (staying on same street, moving to a smaller home), that her excellent realtor said people should move in their 60’s when they still have a good energy supply—rather than thinking they’ll move after the last child leaves/marries/whatever–when they’re probably around 70.  (I think many in the east marry later than in other parts of the US and are older when the last child leaves).  No doubt good advice, based on our experience. (Wanna see an old high school prom picture?)

As the closing on our home nears, I commute some days from our city apartment to our soon-to-be-sold suburban home; other days I stay up here, without convenient internet access–but I’m near everything that needs to be cleaned out. By the end of May, all this disruption should end. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to post twice a week on Tues. and Saturday–but judging from this past week, I may not be very successful.

The library is closing. Gotta go. Please come back.  

In the meantime, think about what aging parents and old parents go through when they move. And if it’s a move they haven’t initiated and they still have a good mind, and you’re helping, think about their history and their memories and involve them in the throwing-out decisions…..(much as you will no doubt be tempted to do otherwise). Some of their memories may evoke sharing precious stories of their life…and that’s priceless, isn’t it?

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