Aging Parents, Connections, and A Veteran’s Nursing Home

Can We Ever Do Enough?

Creative thinking to help parents age well fuels my posts. I have always been a practical, out-of-the-box thinker. Combining this with my counseling background to empower and strengthen self-esteem has been a priority. Whether teenagers or seniors, I love figuring out ways to help and find an easier, better, or best way to overcome challenges. But now I am perplexed.

In a serendipity way, I came across this article about a nursing home, specifically a NY State Veteran’s Affairs nursing  home. Many–if not all–residents have no doubt sacrificed for our country. I hope you’ll click the link below this picture and read the short article, written yesterday, 2/20/12.

We try so hard to our help parents age well, often hoping to side-step the nursing home experience. But sometimes the side-stepping isn’t possible. Some families try to make the best of the nursing home experience for aging parents. Then there are the others……

Most of us feel–or have felt– responsibility for at least one aging parent. For some this is a 24/7 job. But for those of us who are not consumed 24/7, are there opportunities to make a small difference for others while we are trying to helping our own parents age well?  To be continued tomorrow.

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