Help Aging Parents: Memory and Multi-tasking

Is multi-tasking problematical for Aging Parents?
If so– When? Why?

Have you ever done something stupid? Yes, I know, stupid question. But what about the time your brain was busy thinking of other things while your hands put something down–and you couldn’t remember where you put it. Or perhaps you missed the turn-off while driving with a preoccupied mind?

I’m not certain at what age that begins to happen. Perhaps we aren’t even aware. I say this because my life seems to be multi-tasking big time due to our move. I’m concerned I will forget something important and, thus, hold onto my car keys with more resolute than I ever did.

The thought of Sr. Advisor R (now 98) telling me she needed to discipline her mind and her body to slow down and concentrate—-comes back to me now, several decades later. Seems her mind was on one thing while her hands were doing something else and she forgot where she put the “something else” and spent 15  frustrating minutes looking for it

Then I remembered Dad’s asking me to turn off the car’s radio–said it was distracting. At 91 he was driving us somewhere. (I’m a far-away living daughter and made it a point to ride with him at least once every visit to confirm he was still a safe driver.) That time I wondered should I stop chattering also, but I continued to talk and that didn’t seem to distract him.

At the other end of the life span young people seem to think nothing of multi-tasking (and I cringe as I write this). Why else would they text and drive?

What is it about multi-tasking and memory as we get older?

Sr. Advisor, Dr. Bud, to the rescue again as I pondered the initial question: Is multi-tasking problematical for aging parents? If so, when and why?

To be finished tomorrow night since I must fly cross country in the morning…

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