Holiday Gifts for Aging Mothers–2

Clothing and Accessories continued

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts for Aging Mothers–2

  1. As a former caregiver, geriatric manager and all around good daughter, I smiled about your blog post regarding clothes for senior ladies and would like to add my two cents: It would be incredibly thoughtful and probably well received to make sure that the elderly and/or disabled lady in your life has a comfortable new outfit to wear for the holidays. Don’t wait til Christmas or Chanukah or gift-giving celebration night to give it to her!

    Your suggestion of the line of clothes by Alfred Dunner is spot on. They are stylish, color coordinated, modest, stretch coordinates in washable fabrics that are warmer knits in the winter and light in the summer. My mother, in her later years, would have loved to have picked out her own Alfred Dunner ensemble on the internet without having to go shopping, but I wanted to add that both Macy’s and JC Penney’s also carry this brand and had fantastic deals and discounts at the mall today and again, with free shipping right now, on line.

    As for my dad, who told me several times in his later years that he did NOT want any new clothes, I just made sure that a choice of a nice maroon L.L. Bean sweater vest, a hunter green cardigan and a burberry plaid scarf were dry cleaned and on the ready, and then no matter what else he wanted to wear, he always looked nice and felt fantastic in pictures and in person.

    Happy holidays to seniors everywhere who have lived through such remarkable times, and all best wishes for the new year ahead!

    • Appreciate your thoughtful comments, Allie. Like the idea of a new outfit before the holidays and also like the way you organized and cared for your father’s clothing so he always had good-looking clothes “at-the-ready.” That’s not only thinking ahead but acting on it. It sounds like you were an all-around excellent daughter.

  2. Don’t just think about physical presents, but remember that spending time together means a lot and what’s more, you should preserve the memories especially during the holidays. Preserving the memories can make for a great gift as well. The Visiting Nurse Service of New York just posted an article on how to “Preserve Family Memories as You Make Them”

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