We Aren’t Aging Parents, but We’re Moved–sorta….

Think “Moving.”  The traditional image no doubt looms large. And for many aging parents this my be the actuality.  For parents who are involved technologically, however, there’s the move, consisting of furniture, furnishings, and personal items; and then there’s the technology…meaning today’s telephones (you can take from place to place), the TV (in our case we had to change wireless/cable providers) and having someone make it possible for wireless computer access.

I sit surrounded—by cartons of various sizes, tape, and cupboards that need a good cleaning out (builders’ dust).  My way of saying no post today, but I’ll try tomorrow.

This is also my way of explaining why there was no post last Saturday: no longer wireless capability in our house, and not-yet wireless capability in our new apartment. That being the case, come back tomorrow for this week’s post.

This is actually the day after “tomorrow.” The cable company set up wireless (among other things) in our new apartment but I’m finding it leaves something to be desired. My computer goes offline frequently (meaning often within minutes–it has happened once so far while writing this). So, no posts until this gets resolved or I get to a library. Since I fly west for Thanksgiving with family tomorrow, Sunday looks like a good day for my next post. Until then…..

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