Aging Parents–A Happy Surprise and Flower Power

Today’s post is a continuation of the extra post I wrote for Halloween to raise the spirits of aging parents who live independently or in a structured situation.

A few weeks ago I met a woman who volunteers at one of NYC’s leading hospitals. Her volunteer work consists of delivering fresh flower arrangements, made by the volunteers, to patients’ rooms. The flowers come to the hospital twice weekly, thanks to a special fund established by a private individual who believed in the value of flowers to lift spirits and bring pleasure as patients worked to get well.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say–barring allergies–everyone loves to look at flowers. Beautiful or creative arrangements brighten people’s days. I think the decorated pumpkin could be given to anyone–old or young–between now and Thanksgiving. Just glue a little turkey on top–and perhaps add some dried wheat, for the seasonal effect. It’s unexpected and unique, which is part of the fun. And it’s basically long lasting because the stems of the flowers, especially chrysanthemums, seem to suck up the moisture inside the pumpkin.  So—-

  • Get or buy a glue gun or really strong glue, find some flowers, and start poking holes and gluing. Oodles of creativity: not needed.
  • Glue gun, pumpkin, a skewer or something to make holes in the pumpkin: necessary.
  • In addition to flowers–nuts still in shells, dried colorful leaves, wheat, a tiny turkey, scarecrow or other fabric or feathered decoration: optional.

The unexpected is fun. So have some fun (you might want to do this with your children) and–at the same time–help parents age well.  

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