Aging Parents and Computers–Never Too Late to Learn

There’s a video on Twitter of a 104-year-old who uses the computer and is comfortable with Twitter. It’s a BBC broadcast; it features adults.

The video below features grandchildren taking the time to teach their grandmother how to use a computer.  It’s part of the “Give an Hour” project, perfectly timed for the end of October, when–as mentioned at the beginning of the video–clocks are set back an hour in the British Kingdom, giving everyone an extra hour; so why not put the extra time to good use.

Although the Scottish accents on this BBC School Report may take Americans a bit of getting used to, stick with it–it’s short–and replay if necessary. These children have enriched their grandmother’s life and seem completely unscripted which is refreshing (although the video was obviously edited).

The value of bringing computer literacy to aging parents isn’t news to you if you’ve been reading my “computers for seniors” posts.  What is news is the fact that these young people get right to the point with what’s of interest to their grandmother.  She catches on, and has already planned a trip and purchased a birthday gift.  And you’ll come away with the kids’ top tips.

Bottom line: perhaps school-age children can be effective at teaching aging parents/grandparents how to do what they’re interested in doing on a computer. If that isn’t helping parents (our children’s grandparents) age well, what is?

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