Staying Connected. Remaining Engaged: Essential to Help Parents Age Well

Reading about this 101-year-old, well-spoken, “with-it,” age-appropriately attractive woman in the July NY Times was heartening. Seeing her in the video amazed me to the point that if she hadn’t been in the NY Times, I doubt I would have believed anyone could age so well.

We know good genes are a significant factor. (Makes me curious about her parents.) We also know that the most reputable studies cite connections with others as one of the most important factors in successful aging. (And you know how often I’ve repeated this fact.)

It seems to me that maintaining connections with others goes hand in hand with a hobby, a serious interest…something that makes you want to get up every morning. Reading about the importance of connections and being engaged is one thing. But here’s living proof.

For us it brings up the big question: When aging parents have no serious interest, are we creative enough to get them excited about something? The less big question: how do we support hobbies and interests into old, old age when they already exist?

Meet Margaret……

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