A Father’s Day Round-Up of Gifts for Aging Dads-continues


New gift suggestion #1: **arranging regular appointments for pedicures for dads (you can make the gift certificate) who can no longer easily reach to cut their toenails. At a certain age this becomes difficult, which I didn’t realize until Dad, at 90, said he was going to Mom’s hairdresser’s and would be back shortly.  Since Mother had died, I was curious.  “Oh,” he said, “many of us now go there to have our toenails cut.  I can still hit a golf ball, but it’s really hard for me to bend and reach that far to cut my toenails.”  Who knew?

I am reminded once again, of the importance of “feet” for balance and fall prevention. You may recall my April post about the American Geriatrics and British Geriatrics Societies issuing new Fall Prevention Guidelines https://helpparentsagewell.com/2011/04/02/aging-parents-and-the-updated-american-geriatric-societybritish-geriatric-society-fall-prevention-guidelines-in-the-elderly/ this year. Assessing gait, balance, feet (their condition) and footwear have been added.

#2: **Should an appointment with a podiatrist be another gift idea? Yes, if deformed toenails, bunions or anything that could interfere with balance is an issue.

And while on the subject of balance, which can lead to falling, which is such a concern for older people….

#3: **an alert pendant or bracelet.  Check my two earlier posts containing research on specific brands: https://helpparentsagewell.com/2010/12/28/aging-parents-alert-pendants-researched-and-reviewed/ I think they are a necessity to help older parents who live alone age well.

This round-up concludes with the gift Fathers–and Mothers–want most (taken from last year’s Father’s Day Post on June 19, 2010).

Father’s Day and other major holidays signal family togetherness. Adult brothers and sisters and their families join aging parents to celebrate on these occasions. Their adult lives may be different from the life of their youth, their competencies may have changed,
but on these holidays the family members who come together fulfill most aging parents’ wishes.
“Time with family” is the gift
most older parents say “means the most.” 

2 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Round-Up of Gifts for Aging Dads-continues

  1. Susan, great suggestions. My dad had diabetes and did have trouble with his nails. He really liked having someone come in and clip them. He also enjoyed massages and having some facial grooming done as well. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I will enjoy spending it with my husband and will miss my dad as it is the first Father’s Day without him.

    • Annie, thanks again for sharing. It’s interesting. We miss our dads especially the first Father’s Day without them; but you know it seems–or at least to me–a Father’s Day doesn’t pass without that pang of sadness returning. I guess that means our dads meant a lot to us.

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