Help Aging Parents: Computers For Seniors with 2015 Updates–Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 2015: Most older people I know who have shunned computers in the past are happily and capably using an iPad or tablet. And not surprisingly 2-3-year-old grandkids run in and grab those iPads, quickly finding the kiddie games.That said, computers are a way of life for many, but not all. For the latter–

4 options worth looking at:

A-Plus Senior Computer: 2015 update-Check Cyber Monday Specials

Big Screen Live: “Software to turn a pc into an easy-to-use senior computer.” Click YouTube video: for details. 2015 available from HSN:

Telikin: 22″ large screen for seniors with vision issues– can read email out loud, has HD. 18″ most affordable, not HD, doesn’t read email.  All  3 models have virus protection and software preloaded into computer. Black Friday  2015 special on all–$100 off 22.” $75 off 18″ and laptop.

WOW! computer: www,  easy to use with a touch screen (mouse pops up), can read out loud, linux virus protection, is updated daily. “Ready to go–just plug in after delivery.” Only sold through firstStreet.  2 month trial period. Nov. 22, 2015 SALE GOING ON:  $200 off reg price

In our efforts to help aging parents, a senior-friendly computer could be a most welcome gift.


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7 thoughts on “Help Aging Parents: Computers For Seniors with 2015 Updates–Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  1. We got my parents (well mostly for dad) the 23″ touch-screen A Plus Computer. We were presently surprise as it was all setup out of the box. They use a one page they call Senior place where you go for everything so it keeps is simple. We were able to add the casinos games for mom so even though she won’t email she loves the games on it. There staff has always been very helpful.

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  3. What is the price for this computor ? I cannot afford an expensive one, my old HP
    needs to be repleced.

    • Caroline if you let me know which computer you’re referring to I can try to help with prices. You can also click the link to the computer and see if there’s a price on the link’s information. Computers have become much less expensive. And libraries, as you probably know, have computers you can use without charge. Keep me posted. Susan

  4. I live in an independant living senior housing unit. Iam much much younger than next youngest resident. I donated a WOW computer, sold by First Street retailers.It is an excellent choice for Seniors. It does nearly all things a regular computer does in a senior friendly easy way.The tech support is top rate. It streams music for their age, does email, weather, abundant news with a touch, internet, skype, spread sheets,photo system and even more. Now there is little if any excuse for leaving seniors out of the tech magic age. Pam

  5. My mom enjoys using a computer to keep in contact with her grandchildren. Sometimes the print seems too small. We have it so she can display her Apple Mac Book Air onto her big screen TV. She can see it much more easily and feels really techie.

    • A wonderful idea, Annie. I’m even thinking of an additional perk. Often I’d like to share something on my Mac Air with my 97-year-old m-i-l, who doesn’t use a computer. If I could take my computer to her home, having done whatever is technologically necessary to have what’s on my screen appear on her TV screen, it would be so enriching for her–she’d love it. Can you explain how to do this–or where to learn how?

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