More Little Things That Mean A Lot–on Father’s Day or Any Day

Are your parents fond of reminiscing? Do you hear about “the good ole days” or the “not-so-good old days” often enough that you know some of the stories by heart? Our connection to the past is, of course, part of our present–it contributed to shaping who we are.  As people age doesn’t it seem that they talk more about the past?

Introducing aging and old parents to this new site,, should have special appeal. A virtual drive through their old neighborhood and even zooming in on the home (if it’s still standing) they grew up in–or lived in while they were growing up–is something my parents, if still alive, would have loved. It would have been the catalyst for a string of memories and stories they would relish telling and no doubt I’d learn some new tidbits about our family history. (Also check out this You Tube presentation, highlighting the ease of use and variety of possibilities vPike offers.)

So that’s the “any day” little thing.  Additionally, for a Father’s Day gift, think about combining a link to vPike and You Tube with a subscription to Dad’s hometown newspaper or with an album of family photos…..perpetuating a connection to the past for dads who value this.
*                    *                    *                      *                      *                     *

PS.  If you haven’t shared the NY Times live-streaming link to the red-tailed hawk’s nest (on the ledge outside the window of the president of New York University’s office), with its recently-born hawk, it’s another “any-day” gift that should bring weeks of pleasure to nature-loving, computer-using older people. If the nest looks empty, the baby hawk (Pip) has walked out of camera range. She won’t be able to fly for several more weeks, but she does explore around the nest.

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