Help Aging Parents: A Newborn Hawk In Time For Mother’s Day

Is there a better Mother’s Day gift than a new baby coming into the world? Robin and Bobby, the red-tailed hawks that nested on the window ledge of the New York University’s president’s office, have one hatched baby (called an eyas) as of this posting.

We’ve been watching the nest’s goings-on for several weeks; indeed the eggs were expected to hatch several weeks ago and were declared no longer viable by some expert just a few days ago.  Meanwhile as the drama of an overdue birth continued, a small minority of tweets on the Twitter Chat suggested keeping the faith. Faith has triumphed.

My April 20th blog suggested forwarding this and/or other live-streaming links to lift the spirits of aging parent parents (who have a computer) on dreary, rainy, days.  4800 viewers are watching the NY Times hawks livestream as I post this.  If it’s engaging them, think of the enjoyment for older parents who spend much time alone, with “time on their hands” (aka not a lot going on). This is real, reality. It’s compelling, addictive and the tweets on the sidebar, while sometimes annoying, unveil viewers feelings.

So here’s a Mother’s Day gift–for aging mothers, aging fathers, and you too. Happy Mother’s Day from Robin and Bobby and the as-yet-unnamed eyass.

PS. There’s more drama to come: will the 2 other eggs hatch and how well will the first eyass survive?  Weeks more of viewing… A stimulating pass-time for parents in our effort to help them age well.
                Note: to get the most up-to-date-streaming link to: or to the “eyas” link above.

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