Aging Parents: Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (2015 update)

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Mother’s Day always seems to creep up on me.  It quickly becomes too late for ordering one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. If, however, you’re too late but are creative, a photo and message in a gift-wrapped box has two advantages: anticipation created after seeing the photo, then subsequently receiving the gift itself. .

I’ve never seen this handbag in the East….maybe because it comes from California. But I’ve seen it in the West and grandmothers who have it, love it.  They should since it’s pricey. (Yet we all know–everything pricey isn’t loved by everyone).  At least one grandmother says it’s “a thrilling gift to receive…I don’t think any mother or grandmother would appreciate anything more.” She has the “Vanessa.” What makes it so special?

It’s a Brighton handbag, with an adorable photo of her grandchildren expertly reproduced on the back and front– a wonderful conversation piece of excellent quality….”sturdy,” I’m told. (I loved an old Brighton handbag with the family dog, in their former online ad,  but I’m guessing grandchildren’s photos usually win out.)

2015 update: If you want to get it for Mother’s Day, it must be ordered in person from a Brighton Collectibles store and that takes time so click store locater link now. Indeed, they no longer have photos of the–what they now call “Memory  Handbags” on their site. Does that make them even more special to the recipient??

The second pricey gift: the iPad.  An 88-year-old with macular degeneration received one as a birthday gift last weekend and says “it’s great” because she can enlarge the font to read books as well as the apps (some of which her children installed for her). She can once again enjoy reading a book. (I understand her kids went to the Apple store at 7:30 in the morning and there was already a long line.) You might want to read about Marti and her 87-year-old dad’s experience when she bought him an iPad.

A less pricey gift: the Kindle.  Again the size of the font can be enlarged, benefiting people with macular degeneration as well as others. While the Kindle is obviously not as versatile as the iPad since it’s made for reading books, it too enables many aging parents to enjoy reading once again.

Less expensive gifts are highlighted in a just-updated April 2010 Mother’s Day Gift post:  Happy Shopping!

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