Aging Parents: 97-year-old, Broken hip, Rehab, Now Walking

Today’s post is brief.  Certain details are needed to make it useful and I don’t have them yet. Nevertheless as we try to help parents age well, knowing  that a 97-year-old broken hip can heal and that beginning to walk again with a walker signals regained independence ahead is heartening.

Knowing the value of more specifics, and since I’ve just returned (my husband, her son, has been here most of the time since the fall), I want to be certain I can accurately convey certain aspects of her fall, diagnosis, prognosis, and progress to date.

That said, Senior Advisor, R, is literally in the home stretch. Her home awaits her.  Having lived independently and successfully alone since her husband’s death over 40 years ago, if anyone could have successful rehab for a broken hip, it would be R. She is our only living parent at this point. Of course, we know the delicate balance aging parents must deal with and probably won’t completely relax until she is back home.

In the meantime, hoping to have useful details in this coming Tuesday’s post….

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