Aging at Home or Elsewhere: Helping Aging Parents Make the Right Move–2

I’m away once again and may not have internet access for Saturday’s post.  Check back late Saturday night.  In any event, “fall fashion” will probably be postponed again because the camera isn’t behaving.
*                *                  *                    *

I’m momentarily using my niece’s computer. She’s eleven.  Her parents are not old and her grandparents are no longer alive.  She doesn’t know any aging parents; indeed I’m no doubt the oldest person she has regular contact with.

While I would like to have had time to write my post, Lilli wanted to start her own blog. Took her about 5 minutes.  That’s it for my time to write–except:

Hi everyone this is Susan’s niece, Lilli! You can check out my brand new blog, here! Your grandchildren/children might enjoy my site, and you might too!
*                   *                 *                 *

(I probably won’t have my own computer access until Oct. 9th–but who knows?? Check on Tuesday.)

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