Help Aging Parents: Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits Revisited

Note; latest update Feb. 2015-  New eligibility rules for Aid and Attendance program
Having money helps when we’re trying to help parents age well.  My June post, focusing on a friend’s 90+ year-old mother (a WWII veteran’s widow) and the Aid and Attendance Pension benefit, “Aging Veterans and their Spouses,” attracted many viewers .  Next The Wall Street Journal wrote about the Aid and Attendance Pension (called “the pension”).(

To help aging parents who may qualify, I’ve selected websites and blogs that can untangle and clarify needed information– and  help families with aging parents gain new insights into how this program may work for them.

You might start with my June post (click link above).  I’m including annotated links from that site plus other sites and blogs below:

Department of Veteran’s Affairs Information provides concrete information about the pension:
In an excellent, comprehensive article, the Wall Street Journal, reports on this being an underused program, with available funds; and provides specific financial information with helpful examples. –an informative, detailed 2009 post about the the pension, spells out everything. But you might skip everything following the recommendation for:  “How to Apply for the Veterans Aid & Attendance Pension Benefit,” either because it’s repeated on the following book site or it discusses “Veteran’s Benefits Advisors,” which carries a cautionary note on the blog and in the Wall Street Journal article. –site with the excellent, instructive How to Apply book.  Includes testimonial letter from a book purchaser who followed the directions and received the pension benefits within a month. my friend found this firm helpful with the paperwork. (I don’t know if she knew about the How to Apply book.)

For further advice about applying on your own, check out:, which is illegal to reproduce without permission. So paste the website into your browser, then go to #11 “When the Family Can Submit a Claim Without Help.”

Love, sensitivity, caring and a lot of information go into helping parents age well. Obviously extra money, if available, helps too.

UPDATE: If you want to listen to a discussion of Veteran’s Benefits (including the Aid and Attendance Pension) with an elder law attorney, link to this March 2011 Blogtalk radio program

Check out “Newsworthy” (right sidebar). Links to timely tips, information and research from top universities and respected professionals–to help parents age well.

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