Aging Parents. Medications: A Potentially Healthsaving-Lifesaving Tip

My physician told me she is suggesting all of her patients do the following.  Should there be an emergency this can certainly help aging parents, as well as all adult children, who depend on a medication to remain healthy

First: On a piece of paper the size of a driver’s license, write (or set the computer to that size, then print) the names and dosages of all medications.  Use front and back of paper if necessary.  And–if room– you can * those taken once a day or write 1xdaily, 2xdaily etc.

Second: take the driver’s-license-size paper to be laminated. Fedex-Kinko’s and Staples have laminating equipment… check the “copy center” or “photo” area.  Cost seems to be between 99 cents and $1.25, but may vary depending where you live.

Third: place laminated medication card in wallet, behind the driver’s license or –if parent no longer drives–behind the ID card.

In the event of an accident, the first thing people look for is ID. The medication list will be in full sight as the ID is pulled out.

Most parents depend on medication to prevent or control health issues.  Assuming no cognitive impairment, most know the names and dosages.  Some aging parents wear a medical bracelet with necessary information.  Many do not.  This laminated list is added insurance in our efforts to help parents age well and avoid potential problems.  It can help us too!

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