Keeping an Eye on Parents to Help Them Age Well

The New York Times, July 29, 2010   Heading:”Monitoring Mom and Dad.”
Caption beneath heading:”HOME TECH New products for aging in place.”

“Big Brother,”–well actually grown children–adult brothers (and sisters) using technology to keep track of their aging parents every–well almost every–move??  From afar?

According to yesterday’s NY Times Home section, the technology to do just that is here. And the rationale for using it seems to be that it provides an option for older parents to age in place instead of in assisted living.  Why?  Because their children have the ability to monitor important specifics of parents’ daily activities when at home.  Much less expensive than assisted living.  And children can feel connected and a sense of control.

“Aging in Place,” and making cities more “senior friendly” are important aspects of Tuesday’s post.  And yesterday’s Home section articles are so relevant, I’m writing this post a day early.  The NY Times Home section’s articles, understanding that most people want to age in their homes, introduced what will undoubtedly become big business: technology to help older people stay in their homes longer, even with issues that would normally signal “assisted living.”  This may be another breakthrough that can not only help aging parents, but help them to age well.

I received an email saying that Rye, NY’s aging in place program is called “Sprye in Rye.”  I wonder how the Spry Rye Seniors view these articles and the various technological devices designed to keep an eye on seniors.

Link to the first article, then link to the technology article and tell us what you think.

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