A 3-day-weekend-–things learned

I have now learned not to write a post that poses an important question, on whose answers the next post depends, over a three-day holiday weekend…not, at least, if the blog posts are written on Saturdays and Tuesdays.

Readership, I guess, can be expected to be down over such weekends. Hopefully with the  additional day off, caring children who live near parents and upon whom most of the responsibility usually falls, can take a break from needing to help aging parents or can plan something fun and different for them.

Even better, for children who live near, would be for at least one far-away living sibling to come and relieve that sibling upon whom most of the responsibility falls.  Francine Russo shares (don’t remember if this is in her book or from my hearing her speak) that it means a lot for a sibling to take the initiative (“taking the initiative” obviously means without a hint or being asked) to plan to visit aging parents at a time that will free up the caregiving  sibling for a few days.  And what could be better than a 3-day holiday weekend!

This not only gives the near-living sibling some time off, but signals that the far-away living sibling understands and appreciates what is being done on a regular basis to help their aging parent(s).

Until Saturday when we return to the aging father, his young girlfriend and devoted daughter—

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