Aging Parents: Father’s Day and Neckties

If neckties are indeed the most popular Father’s Day gift, I guess I need to include them–with a twist.

But I must admit, I wouldn’t have done it had I not received an email from Matt at It’s a cool site with posts about real ties…plus! Obviously Matt’s in the Father’s day spirit.

Check out the photos of 16 cakes, the creative work of Esperanaza above and others. Below is one I just have to include; one I would have tried to make for my Dad when he was alive–the sweater vest with buttons down the front. However, my dad was more traditional…..his sweater vests: one entirely gray, one all navy. And my husband would vouch for the fact I’m not much of a baker.

But possibly you are. So if you are doing the Father’s Day barbecue–or any meal that calls for dessert this coming Sunday, check out a dessert site with an assortment of simpler dessert recipes for Father’s Day, including a cake that resembles Esperanza’s creation. Of course, there’s still time to buy a tie.

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