Aging Parents: Veterans of D-Day

While my blog is becoming a .com, my posts will feature relevant themes from other sources. Writing about D-Day is a logical successor to Tuesday’s post on the Veteran’s “Aid and Assistance Pension Program” benefits. Are all qualified elders receiving these benefits? Don’t they have the potential to remove some of the stress from care-giving children as well as from qualifying old and elderly parents?

Note: “45,000 Allied troops” are alive today, is Wikipedia’s answer to: “How many D-Day veterans are alive today?” Additionally, Wikipedia informs us: According the Department of Veterans Affairs, an estimated 2,583,000 veterans from WWII were still alive in September 2008 but dying at the rate of about 900 per day. This puts the total living population at just over 2 million in November 2009.

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The 66th Anniversary of D-Day

Joint Chiefs chairman pays tribute to D-Day fallen
By ROBERT BURNS (AP) – today

Meet a D-Day veteran in Vermont and in Tennessee
and learn their story as featured in the newspaper. I think you’ll be glad you did! It was a great generation.

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