Aging Parents: A Goat as a Mother’s Day Gift?

Random thoughts: I was feeling a bit dismal this morning. The response to my last post was—my interpretation–not that enthusiastic. I guess a goat, given in mom’s honor as a Mother’s Day gift, isn’t as popular as I thought it would be…

But I was heartened by one email reinforcing the value and popularity of supporting Heifer International’s work throughout the world. I also like the idea that there’s a colorful gift card that’s downloadable after making a donation. Thus, a last-minute donation to honor someone, doesn’t necessitate scrambling for an appropriate card. But I don’t know how many clicked on the link to learn that.

Next I went grocery shopping. Trader Joe’s featured a “bouquet in a box” –roses, lillies, gerber daisies, small pom pom mums, and two stems of daisy-type flowers in a complimentary-color, plaid, box-shaped, waterproof bag for $12.99. Really pretty! You felt good just looking at it. Bought one; took it home with the groceries; then inspected it and took it apart to get leaves out of the water as they disintegrate and make the water bad. So I cut off leaves, recut stems, put in fresh water, then decided to take it to 99-year-old Edie, who’s fragile, but “with it.”

She’s the “Edie” featured in my book and her words of wisdom are in past posts. I heard she had fallen a while back. Went to her daughter’s home to find out I’d missed her by 15 minutes. She was on her way to the airport with her other daughter, who lives in the south. And she will be living with that daughter from now on.

I have her phone number, I will phone tomorrow. I will–no doubt–never see her again. Am I feeling a bit dismal? No. I have a very pretty bouquet in a box that I will enjoy on Mother’s Day and beyond. And I will speak with Edie tomorrow and wish her a happy Mother’s Day. And I will ask if she’d like a goat–or a share of a goat–donated in her honor to help raise a family out of poverty. I think she will.

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