Aging Parents: Little Things Mean a Lot–Part 2

Reactions to Tuesday’s “Little Things Mean a Lot” Post

As you know I’m a far-away-living child of an aging parent (mother-in-law) …not an aging parent. Nevertheless I must admit a few “little things” have meant a lot since Tuesday’s post. I want to share them.

First: an elderly widow tells about months of frustration with “ify” TV reception and a sporadically shrill noise on her telephone that repair people tried unsuccessfully to fix for months. Then her son came to town and spent an afternoon providing a fix for these frustrating problems.

She writes: “You have no idea how wonderful it is to have the wireless phone system…It has alleviated so much stress for me. Along with the necessary digital updating of the TV, my energy level has improved decidedly with these problems solved.” (Her son bought her a Panasonic phone system at Best Buy for under $100 that includes a base and three portable phones. I believe Costco advertises the same set in its Money-Saving booklet that arrived in this week’s mail.)

The writer also wanted to tell adult children: “You have no idea what a word of encouragement means to an aging parent.” So–confirmation that little things–be they words or deeds– do make a positive difference in an aging parent’s life. It reaffirms my blog’s mission–doing what we can to help parents age well.

Second: Receiving compliments means a lot. So thanks to the writer of who emailed me mid-week:”Wow! Great Blog– Love Yesterday’s Post. I have read your wonderful blog, Help! Aging Parents, more than a few times, so I have now listed it on my blog, As Our Parents Age, in the “Great Blog Writing” link category.”*

With Palm Sunday, Passover and Easter upon us, there are many opportunities to do a “little thing” that can mean a lot to aging parents and to the other older people we care about.
* * *


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