Help Aging Parents Look Better Part 3

An Aging Parent’s Figure: Clothes That Fit

Can you wear those jeans you wore in high school? What about the dress or shorts you wore in college, the wedding gown or tux fitted specially for that big occasion?

Shapes change and many style conscious men and women pay attention and make the effort to look good the moment they’re aware that their clothes are no longer fitting or flattering. On the other hand, waning energy and less good eyesight can lead to poorly fitting clothes without our parents noticing or doing anything about it

If we see that our parents are neglecting to make the effort to look good, we can try the strategies suggested in the last two posts. If those don’t resonate, having clothes tailored by a tailor or dressmaker is a third option, especially when parents hate parting with clothing.

Adult children who live near aging parents, can assess some of their clothing with them and mutually decide on the clothing that can use an “adjustment.” With the exception of those handy with a needle and thread and a sewing machine, having a professional do alterations on selected articles of clothing is no doubt less expensive than purchasing new clothes and can do wonders to remove the frumpy-dumpy look. So aren’t alterations worth a try?

Since Valentine’s Day is here, the opportunity for a small wardrobe update is also here. Assuming a Valentine’s gift of new clothing hasn’t been given already, does a Valentine-IOU-gift of new clothing or clothing alterations make sense?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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