Thanksgiving 2009 Revisited

Sixteen family members and friends reconnected to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday. Five new guests; five newly-created place card leaves. And Ruth’s place card leaf took its new place as part of the centerpiece. (Nov. 21 post.)

R at 96 and her best friend (86) were the oldest. Three of the younger guests were new to our Thanksgiving tradition. They included a new boyfriend, one of Ruth’s granddaughters, and the youngest son of R’s neighbors. His mother was at R’s birthday luncheon saying after her mother died, she turned to R for understanding and wisdom. (Oct. 13 post.)

This Thanksgiving over 25% of our guests were newcomers, and while there were many connections, some had never met our family nucleus before. Sixteen people, their ages ranging from 22-96, represented 8 decades. And R, who seems to remember almost everything, says it’s the best Thanksgiving she can remember. Her back-up comment: “No one in the family even thought of turning on the TV.”

It was like an intergenerational magnet .The wisdom of the older, the accomplishments and activities of the younger, and the energy, optimism, and moving forward spirit of the youngest pulled everyone together.

* * * * *

Tuesday’s post will feature holiday gift possibilities, given the season has begun. Anyone heard of crystal nail files?

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